We have the ability to give our children a thriving planet with a healthy climate.

To restore a healthy climate like our grandparents gave us (with 300 ppm CO2), we need to remove a trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in addition to continuing the emissions reduction efforts already underway.

We already have safe and scalable technologies that allow us to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Learn more about them on our Solutions page. Now, we need commitment and investment so we can develop and scale up existing and new technologies.

The Healthy Climate Alliance is building the demand for giving our children a healthy climate and a thriving planet.

Our generation has an obligation to leave a healthy climate for our children like the one our grandparents gave us. Saying that we don’t know how to do it does not absolve us of this obligation. It’s only impossible when we stop trying.

Our goal is to shift the global conversation about the climate so that we give our children a thriving planet by 2050. We have the technology to achieve this goal. To get there we need leadership and support from policymakers, researchers, religious leaders, the media, and the public.

The Healthy Climate Alliance is building the necessary leadership and support. Our 2017 goals are:

  1. Initiate white papers and research about climate restoration
  2. Get Healthy Climate resolutions introduced in Congress and get the UN and COP 23 discussing climate restoration
  3. Create fiction and entertainment narratives around restoring the climate
  4. Get at least $2m invested into climate work and publicized

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